Missionary statment

Evangel Theological University is designed to carry out the great mission which Jesus gave to his disciples and the entire body of the Church of Christ. “Go and make disciples …” speaks about the importance of training strong leaders for the edifying of Jesus Christ’s Church today. Evangel Theological Seminary offers a higher theological education to support the development of the Church and prepare Pentecostal leaders to serve in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, CIS and Central Asia. We believe that our contribution to the training of qualified theologians, pastors, Bible teachers, evangelical leaders, missionaries will help us to bring salvation and hope in Jesus Christ to many people.

Nowadays we see high-speed transformations in the modern global society. Current challenges show us that the society has the need to solve the problems that can not be solved by resorting to political or social standards. Everything around us says that only Jesus Christ is the answer to the demands of modern society.

Evangel Theological University sees its mission and task in equipping modern churches, religious organizations, seminaries, missionary centers and organizations with professional pastors, theologians, teachers, counselors, evangelists and missionaries, social workers, community leaders through the system of higher theological education.

We educate bachelors through online training system, as well as masters and doctors of practical theology with a passionate desire and dedication for the sake of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ: GO, LEARN, BAPTIZE and  direct modern global society to the path of the Gospel of Hope and trust in Jesus Christ.

By equipping future key Christian leaders of our society with theoretical and practical resources, we show the relevance of the problem that the world needs Jesus Christ! The world has a strong necessity in renewal, repentance, salvation and going out of the crisis. And professional leaders and ministers who are graduates from the Evangel Theological Seminary will be able to fulfill its vision.


  • theologians to form the evangelical and protestant values ​​that are necessary for the implementation of the Biblical way of life and building a healthy society;
  • instructors of theological disciplines and religious studies;
  • consultants and specialists in the field of social patronage and work in society;
  • pastors, preachers, evangelists, missionaries for the opening of new churches and the salvation of sinners;
  • modern leaders with theological worldview, biblical foundations to form the evangelical and protestant values ​​that are necessary for modern society.