Evangel Theological Seminary (ETS) from 2020 Evangel Theological University, is among the most advanced leaders in the professional training of ministers and teachers who are called by God to serve in the modern society with a high level of education among Evangelical Christians.

Evangel Theological University is a higher theological educational institution with accredited programs in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the CIS. Evangelical Theological Seminary has also an accredited online bachelor’s program from the United States of America.

Evangel Theological University is God’s answer to the vision and dreams of key Assemblies of God leaders in the United States, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Far East, who saw the need for an educational institution that provides higher theological education and offers high-quality training of professional ministers, teachers, theologians and equipping evangelical churches in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Far East with strong leaders. Evangelical Theological Seminary is now able to create strong leaders for modern church and professional theologian apologists.

In 1997, at a meeting of evangelical organizations and churches in Ukraine, initiated by the President of Ukraine – Leonid Danilovich Kuchma, representatives of evangelical churches appealed to the President Leonid Kuchma with the request to contribute to the allocation of land for the construction of the seminary in Kiev.

The dream of Assemblies of God to create a large and influential Seminary in Ukraine has come true! Thanks to the cooperation between the Ukrainian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith Churches and the Kyiv city state administration a plot of land was allocated in one of the central districts of the city near Holosiyivska metro station.

In 1998, the seminary building construction started and lasted  for 2.5 years, during which God miraculously blessed and supported this project with finance and wisdom.

In 2000, the Evangel Theological Seminary opened its doors to new entrants for the first time.

For more than 15 years Evangel Theological University has been carrying its ministry and spreading its influence in Ukraine, the CIS, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Far East. The graduates of our seminary are living testimonies to the fact that the Evangelical Theological Seminary is founded and continues to operate thanks to God’s blessing and our great vision to proclaim hope and salvation in the name of Jesus Christ.

The first president of the Evangel Theological Seminary was Frank Martin, a missionary of the Assembly of God USA, one of the first Assemblies of God directors in Eastern Europe. In 2014 a new program  “Bachelor online” was launched in partnership with the Global US University. This is a great opportunity for students to get distance education via the Internet staying in their city and their country.

In 2015, the first in Eastern Europe, CIS and Ukraine “Doctor of practical theology” program was launched. This program has started because of the great need for the training of professional key leaders and systematizing a healthy theology and church formation in modern Global society.

From 2022, new president in Evangel Theological University Dr. Igor Semenyuk (More about Dr. Igor Semenyuk)