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Academic Master’s program meets the highest academic requirements of the United States and Eastern Europe, the CIS, Ukraine and Central Asia. The Master’s program aims to provide both academic and practical training of students. Our program is an evangelical approach to theology and church ministry. The Master’s program of the Evangel Theological Seminary is the preparation of Christian workers, teachers and theologians to help churches and Christian associations in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the CIS. We are preparing those Christian leaders who are able to influence the global changes in society. Master’s Program of the Evangel Theological University is accredited by EAAA Accrediting Association. Today we are trying to obtain a license and accreditation of the master’s program in the Evangel Theological University of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.

Three areas of our master’s program:

  • Master in church leadership
  • Master in church education and divinity  
  • Master in consultation 


Pre-Master’s program

Students who have a bachelor’s degree of unaccredited Bible college or secular educational institution may enroll in the ETS master’s program, having passed satisfactorily the following items of pre-master’s program at the seminary and having passed successfully the general exam:

  • Hermeneutics
  • Methods of theological studies
  • Overview of the OT
  • Overview of the NT
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Overview of  the Church history (not to be confused with master’s subjects “Church History 1 and 2”)
  • The Pent
  • ateuch
  • Books of Luke (the Gospel according to Luke and Acts)
  • Theological English

Master program:

  • Acts as History and Theology
  • Hermeneutics: God’s Message and Its Meaning
  • Pentateuch: Critical Issues
  • Pneumatology in Lucan Literature
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Graduate Greek
  • Foundations for Christian Leadership
  • The Biblical Theology of Missions
  • History of the Expansion of Christianity
  • Graduate Research and Writing: Principles and Practice
  • Research Methodology
  • Theology of Ministry Paper – No credits

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