Igor Semenyuk president of the Evangel Theological University

Igor Semenyuk  – associate professor, Ph.D (doctor of philosophy in humanities), D.Ddiv (doctor of divinity).

  • Senior pastor New Hope of Generation church in Zaporizhuya in Ukrainian Pentecostal Union (Ukraine church Hope of Generation from Yoido Full Gospel church, Assemblies of God of Korea Yoido Full Gospel church General Council). 
  • Teacher, lecturer, speaker. He is a regular speaker and lecturer in Theological and Secular educational. institutions in Ukraine and abroad.
  • He is often a speaker at conferences of various scales.
  • Coordinator and director of educational centers from ETU in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
  • He is the regional director of the South Korean Assemblies of God in Ukraine (Yoido Full Gospel church).