Doctor in Ministry in USA Assemblies of God program

Welcome to the first doctoral program in academic discipline: DOCTOR of practical theology in Ukraine, the CIS, Eastern Europe and Central Asia!

Program “Doctor of Practical Theology” implies a deeper study of subjects with a practical orientation.

21-st century

Society changed its perspective from modernism to post-modernism. The relationships between modern church and modern society are becoming relevant. We see how the  interest to church is increasingly being lost in the European Union. The theology was reformatted into a liberal trend which has washed away all the foundations of the church. The reason is not that there were few theoretical theologians in Europe. Today’s society and the Church need professional practical ministers.

Comparing the American and post-Soviet theological model we can confidently say that we are still on the way and at the stage of growth and progress. Today we need professionals in different ministries. Those who can not just preach in the churches, not just have good knowledge of  theology, but professionals who are able to go ahead and develop a strategy for the modern church…


  1. The moral and spiritual dimension of life is the basis of adequate and professional activity of each individual. Dependent on this dimension, the social environment grows and develops in harmony. Who can lay a proper foundation in the moral-spiritual dimension? Anyone who has a resource and who knows the resource.
  2. Our political, business, cultural, spiritual, religious and social environment depends on a deep and strong spiritual backbone and a foundation which does not bend before the temptations of this world, and before the primitive selfish needs, mainly focused on the love of money, hedonism and arrogance . Who can help to form a strong backbone? A specialist in the field of ministry.
  3. To learn how to teach the Church, having in front of us the best example of a man – Jesus Christ, who actually came down from heaven to remind us why God created man. To do this we need professionals who will raise the church to the next level!

Let’s analyze WHY we need DOCTOR OF MINISTRIES degree?

  1. Doctor of Ministries (D.Min.) is an advanced professional degree designed for ministers who are raising to a new level of their paradigm renovation and will become even more effective not only in their churches and cities but in ministry to the country, region and the world.
  2. Doctor of Ministries aims to help churches, ministries, Christian Bible schools, organizations, increasing their understanding and interpretation of the Church ministry in relation to the biblical, theological, historical, ethical and practical areas. These areas have a great need for proper vision and direction.
  3. Doctor of Ministries is an opportunity to help the theologically correct modern churches define their vision, goal, objectives what can be a problem of the modern church. All around us there are so many churches that do not have a vision or purpose and just go with the stream.
  4. This is an opportunity for the implementation of new programs, new directions that the Church needs today, especially in the CIS countries, Ukraine and the Baltic region.
  5. Doctor of ministries program is the improvement of their skills in the service. The program helps men and women develop a deeper understanding of biblical principles and strategies which they can effectively implement in various pastoral areas.
  6. The degree is suitable for pastors, missionaries and other church leaders aiming at professional and personal growth.
  7. This is an opportunity for relevant publications that help modern society to focus on Jesus Christ properly. It is also the possibility for public roundtables, church conferences and seminars.
  8. Today despite the revival in the regions of the former Soviet bloc, there are practically very few professionals in the field of doctoral education and those people who could professionally help the church in its mission.
  9. Doctor of ministries program is the preparation of those ministers who can help the modern church to deal with its weak side – conflicts. By forming a strong spiritual backbone, we act as apologists for the modern church.


  • Hermeneutics
  • History of the Expansion of Christianity
  • The Biblical Theology of Missions
  • Ministerial Ethics
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Specialized Reading and Reseach
  • Dissertation Research and Proposal
  • Dissertation from Idea to Bound Volume

And more…

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