From 5 to 9 December, 2022 the star winter session in ETU

From December 5 to 9, 2022, a scientific conference, master’s theses defence, a small graduation and a holiday for students were held at the Evangelical Theological University during the winter session. Even in this difficult time, when there are interruptions in electricity and heat, we thank the Lord for the opportunity to gather all our students together in Kyiv. We could invite wonderful teachers to this session: Khromts Vitaly Leonidovich (Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor), Kapustin Igor Sergeevich (Doctor of Theology, Associate Professor), Grechkosy Petr Moiseevich (Doctor of Theology). Also at the session, the presentation of Valery Werner’s monograph “Formation of the Global Educational Network of Colleges of the Society of Jesus” took place.